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eksctl 0.41.0-rc.0

Release 0.41.0


  • Support tags for Addons service accounts (#3427)
  • Add proposal for EC2 instance selector integration and dry-run (#3107)
  • Add support for enabling capacity rebalancing when using Spot instances (#3383)


  • Minimize number of CFN calls for create cluster (#3421)
  • Create and delete fargate role stack as needed during create/delete fargate profile (#3321)
  • Wait longer before retrying throttled CloudFormation requests (#3425)
  • Add missing arm64 node selector during update kube-proxy (#3378)
  • Fix iamidentitymapping verb in help message (#3418)
  • Only attempt to get clusters in authorized regions (#3416)
  • Fix the draft 7 schema URL (#3401)

Bug Fixes

  • Disallow invalid AMI values (#3412)


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:

 @frankywahl, @r-joyce and @saada
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