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eksctl 0.40.0-rc.0

Release 0.40.0


  • Add EFA support (#2688)
  • Add support for Asia Pacific (Osaka) region (#3347)
  • Add disable-eviction flag for nodegroup drain and delete (#3330)
  • Allow referring to subnets by ID in nodegroups (#3331)


  • Update back to upstream kris-nova/logger (#3359)
  • Update aws-node to v1.7.9 (#3353)
  • Create the FargatePodExecutionRole resource only when podExecutionRoleARN is unspecified (#3346)
  • Improve error when nodegroup is missing privateNetworking (#3342)
  • Also check managed groups for plugin requirements (#3337)
  • Ignore fields in JSON schema that are explicitly hidden
  • Log suggestion to delete IRSA when create stack fails (#3332)
  • Add sample template for new nodegroup CFN format (#3294)

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent setting internal NodeGroup fields via ClusterConfig (#3339)


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:

latest releases: latest_release, 0.54.0-rc.0, v0.54.0-rc.0...
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