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Release 0.36.0


  • Add support for upgrading non-eksctl-created nodegroups (#2953)
  • Add support for deleting non-eksctl-created clusters (#2969)


  • Do not fail NodeName check when VPC DNS Hostnames is Disabled on Fargate clusters (#2999)
  • Fix bootstrap command in the examples (#3003)
  • Treat p4d as a GPU instance (#2991)
  • Add option to specify IAM role name (#2863)
  • Show progress of cluster update (#3023)

Bug Fixes

  • Set cgroupdriver to systemd on GPU nodes (#3007)


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:
@Tolsto, @damerakd, @dbluxo and @samsamoa

latest releases: latest_release, 0.54.0-rc.0, v0.54.0-rc.0...
4 months ago