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eksctl 0.32.0-rc.0

Release 0.32.0


  • Add more flexible subnet support, specifying subnets for nodegroup (#2793)
  • Automatically install nvidia device plugin for GPU instances (#2807)
  • Support more than 4 AZs (#2804)
  • Support passing additional arguments to Flux and Helm Operator (#2702)
  • Allow creation of iamserviceaccounts on clusters not created through eksctl (#2775)


  • Update maxpods (#2821)
  • Upgrade flux, helm-operator and go-git-providers (#2802)

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrade spf13/cobra to v1.1.1 to fix zsh completion issue (#2813)
  • Don't configure an SSH SecurityGroup when SSH.Allow is false (#2795)
  • Use role names instead of ARN when creating instance profiles (#2791)


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:

@jfautley, @martina-if, @mgreensmith and @ysam12345
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