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eksctl 0.31.0-rc.1

Release 0.31.0


  • Add Ubuntu 20.04 Image Support (#2758)
  • Add flag to enable Simple System Manager (SSM) for easy SSH access (#2754)
  • Add format option for utils describe-stacks (#2718)
  • Add option to not rollback failed stacks (#2744)
  • Add support for powershell completion (#2726)


  • Improving handling of failed nodegroups (#2762)
  • Return non-zero when a given nodegroup doesn't exist (#2731)

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure node drain timeout is respected (#2759)
  • Enforce control plane readiness before SA creation (#2760)
  • Handle create nodegroup and withOIDC for clusters without aws-node SA (#2778)


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:
@aclevername, @neha-viswanathan, @sayboras, @powersj and @ajayk

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