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eksctl 0.30.0-rc.1

Release 0.30.0


  • Add support for Kubernetes 1.18 (#2723)
  • Support arm/arm64 binaries as part of release (#2725)


  • Update aws-node (#2720)
  • Update maxpods with p4d.24xlarge (#2715)
  • Handle existing instanceRoleARN with nested resource path (#2689)

Bug fixes

  • Trim .git suffix when adding deploy keys (#2709)
  • Update nodegroup stack w/ version tag before updating release version (#2708)
  • Handle aws-node 1.7 initContainer properly (#2732)


We plan on removing the static node AMI resolver (--node-ami/nodegroups.ami) in 0.33.0. Please reach out in #2650 if you have feedback.


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:
@ajayk, @neha-viswanathan and @dmcneil

latest releases: latest_release, 0.54.0-rc.0, v0.54.0-rc.0...
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