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Release 0.25.0


  • Add disableIMDSv1 config option (#2460)
  • Make 1.17 default (#2444)
  • Add support for Milan (eu-south-1) and Cape Town (af-south-1) regions (#2495)


  • Cleanup ALBs created by AWS ALB Ingress Controller (#2465)
  • Don't replace service account with update-aws-node (#2459)
  • Updated default kubelet reserved memory calculation to match the calculation used by amazon-eks-ami (#2443)
  • Don't attach unnecessary policy to cluster IAM role (#2451)

Bug Fixes

  • Restore "auto" version for upgrade cluster (#2464)
  • Allow service role some actions necessary for ELB (#2492)


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:
@agbanagba, @brianpursley, @ismailyenigul, @lloydchang, @mfykmn, @morancj, @nckturner and @programmer04

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