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eksctl 0.24.0-rc.0

Release 0.24.0


  • Add support for creating fully-private clusters (#2384)
  • Add support for Kubernetes 1.17 (#2407)
  • Upgrade AWS CNI to 1.6.3 (#2408)
  • Added T3 Unlimited support (#2391)
  • Added kubeReserved calculation support for mixed instance NodeGroups (#2378)


  • Added KMS resource to minimum policies documentation (#2402)
  • Add schema docs for git, fargate and cloudwatch (#2394)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix name argument for scale nodegroup (#2417)
  • Fix nil pointer dereference in scale command (#2416)
  • Fix cluster upgrading to default version always (#2414)


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:
@ajayk, @efim-a-efim, @elementalvoid, @mfykmn, and @sayboras

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