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eksctl 0.21.0-rc.0

Release 0.21.0


  • Ability of changing the node instance name (#1796)
  • Lock kubeconfig file before accessing (#2230)


  • Use apps/v1 for Deployment for all K8s versions (#2238)
  • Propagate SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable to git executor (#2083)

Bug Fixes

  • Try to delete nodegroup for any nodegroup state (#2252)
  • Fix bug in supporting non-default branches for gitops repos (#2246)
  • Don't run extra cluster tasks and nodegroup creation in parallel (#2248)
  • Fix update-cluster-endpoints panic when using a cluster config with missing VPC section (#2253)


Weaveworks would like to sincerely thank:
@aaronjwood, @danil-smirnov, @hiddeco, @mikestef9, @rndstr, @rodrigc and @spaghettifunk

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