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Version 1.4.16 (Mainnet + Testnet + Stagenet)

5 days ago

In this release

Protocol Enhancements

This release includes several consensus improvements implemented as hard forks which are bound to feature #​19 "Block Reward Distribution".

  • With WEP-14 activation, block rewards would be shared between three beneficiaries: block miner, Waves DAO, and XTN buy-back contract. New RIDE stdlib version 7 adds the rewards field to BlockInfo structure. This field holds the list of tuples of beneficiary address and the amount they receive. Beneficiary addresses for Mainnet, Testnet and Stagenet are predefined in the functionality settings.
  • Sync invoke action limit has been fixed to match the root contract version. After feature 19 activation, even if there is a V5 contract in invocation chain started by a V6 contract, V6 global limits will apply for the whole invocation chain.


To activate the improvements listed above, please vote for feature #​19 on Mainnet! The next activation window starts at height 3660001, which is expected to happen on 2023-05-26 at 05:00 UTC.

Update notes

There's no need to rebuild state when upgrading from 1.4.14.

SHA256 Checksums

775a23a59bad11623ea79d8fde0661346432b014ce0b951a180d20738d6d601f  waves-grpc-server_1.4.16_all.deb
c746988daf4d6736c825b6d75869da8341051a54957fa32b6a2d3eaf7d8c11ce  waves_1.4.16_all.deb
978cbbcb8935df83be6d80ccafdff51c4bed649d0ac37c83c9ed639aaf7eff5d  waves-grpc-server-testnet_1.4.16_all.deb
e46cd78e44518c07eb2891002e2ef1b381b911c870a011b5987bdc4665dfc789  waves-testnet_1.4.16_all.deb
f00bc6c4fb007e4114ca4de1804284b93b28f11acb8f1f5d85cdc5bc370753c8  waves-grpc-server-stagenet_1.4.16_all.deb
2a85a127445e4b15d0fbc2236ea3fa6c551da3c57c9152c465f4b468908fd2ea  waves-stagenet_1.4.16_all.deb
f48508cd618c24b64651153a367ec3ec3876c45c926944e68585b4864b0eeca1  waves-all-1.4.16.jar
be45c29ce2a533496fe6d243dee4740c525dbfd8184d3b44b152a5f493aecff5  waves-grpc-server-1.4.16.tgz

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