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Release v3.1.0

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18 months ago

Install this version of wasmer:

curl -sSfL | sh -s "v3.1.0"

What's Changed

  • #3403 Add wasm_importtype_copy to C API
  • #3416 Download and install packages via .tar.gz URLs and improve installation error message
  • #3402 Do not run first command of wapm file and print all commands instead
  • #3400 Use the wasm_bindgen_downcast crate for downcasting JsValues
  • #3363 Store Used CpuFeature in Artifact instead of Present CpuFeatures for Singlepass
  • #3378 Introduced EngineRef and AsEngineRef trait
  • #3386 Restore Support For All Wasi Clock Types
  • #3153 Implement SharedMemory & Atomics
  • #3415 Fix singlepass for Aarch64
  • #3395 Fix create-exe to be able to cross-compile on Windows
  • #3396 Fix build doc and minimum-sys build

See full list of changes in the CHANGELOG

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