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3 years ago

Wasmer 1.0.1 releases with a number of bug fixes and follow ups to our 1.0.0 release. Due to a bug in an upstream dependency the wasmer-compiler crate was not able to compile with the latest dependencies. 1.0.1 ships with a fix for this, see the changelog for more details. Also Included in the 1.0.1 release is an experimental, minified version of wasmer called wasmer-headless that can only run precompiled Wasm modules. Stay tuned for more information about wasmer-headless!

1.0.1 also fixes a bug preventing emscripten modules from being detected, improves the WasmerEnv derive macro, and fixes a bug with the packaging of our Windows release.

Check out the changelog for details on all the changes and fixes.

You can update wasmer with wasmer self-update to get the latest release.

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