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2 years ago

This version of Wasmer ships with various improvements to the LLVM backend (1.5~2x faster runtime), updates the WASI API, and adds various bug fixes and improvements.

🏆 Contributors

We'd like to thank everyone that contributed into Wasmer, with special thanks to:

  • 🏅 @alocquet for adding download links to the precompiled libraries in the C API README


For a complete list of notable changes, check out the CHANGELOG.

Some highlights are:

  • #898- we disabled state tracking by default in our generated LLVM code leading to a major speed improvement for uses that don't need it. It can be reenabled with the --track-state flag. This
  • #897 - removes special casing of stdin, stdout, and stderr in WASI. This fixes issues like calling fd_close on these files. They may still be accessed from WasiFS with the stdout, stdout_mut, stdin, stdin_mut, stderr, and stderr_mut methods.
  • #863 - fixed edge cases in max and min on floating point numbers in LLVM

To update run wasmer self-update. For installation instructions,

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