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2 years ago

The version 0.6.0 of Wasmer focus on stability and performance. We added support for SIMD in the LLVM backend, and the ability of running WebAssembly files with LLVM backend on Windows (including SIMD). We also shipped some fixes that improves stability and performance overall.


  • #603 Update Wapm-cli, bump version numbers
  • #595 Add unstable public API for interfacing with the WASI file system in plugin-like usecases
  • #598 LLVM Backend is now supported in Windows
  • #599 Fix llvm backend failures in fat spec tests and simd_binaryen spec test.
  • #579 Fix bug in caching with LLVM and Singlepass backends.
    Add default-backend-singlepass, default-backend-llvm, and default-backend-cranelift features to wasmer-runtime
    to control the default_compiler() function (this is a breaking change). Add compiler_for_backend function in wasmer-runtime
  • #561 Call the data_finalizer field on the Ctx
  • #576 fix Drop of uninit Ctx
  • #542 Add SIMD support to Wasmer (LLVM backend only)
    • Updates LLVM to version 8.0

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