github wasmerio/wasmer 0.5.6

latest releases: v4.3.2, v4.3.1, v4.3.0...
4 years ago

This version of wasmer ships with WebAssembly Interfaces bundled into wapm. Also improves significantly WASI tests and implementation.


  • #565 Update wapm and bump version to 0.5.6
  • #563 Improve wasi testing infrastructure
    • fixes arg parsing from comments & fixes the mapdir test to have the native code doing the same thing as the WASI code
    • makes wasitests-generate output stdout/stderr by default & adds function to print stdout and stderr for a command if it fails
    • compiles wasm with size optimizations & strips generated wasm with wasm-strip
  • #554 Finish implementation of wasi::fd_seek, fix bug in filestat

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