github wasmerio/wasmer 0.5.2

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4 years ago

This version improves significantly the Emscripten integration, making it possible to handle networking and filesystem much better. Wasmer can now run Python! 🎉
This version also ships with the wapm-cli with changes that improve filesystem usage, and introducing wasm interfaces to statically analyze modules before uploading them to wapm.


  • #521 Update Wapm-cli, bump version numbers
  • #518 Update Cranelift and WasmParser
  • #514 #519 Improved Emscripten network related calls, added a null check to WasmPtr
  • #515 Improved Emscripten dyncalls
  • #513 Fix emscripten lseek implementation.
  • #510 Simplify construction of floating point constants in LLVM backend. Fix LLVM assertion failure due to definition of %ctx.

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