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5 years ago

This version of Wasmer ships with a much more stable version of WASI, supporting environment variables and directory mapping. It also ships with wapm 0.3.0 that includes support for package signing and contracts.
Apart of the fixes we improved the Emscripten integration, that now is able to run python and openssl.


  • #471 Added missing functions to run Python. Improved Emscripten bindings
  • #494 Remove deprecated type aliases from libc in the runtime C API
  • #493 wasmer_module_instantiate has better error messages in the runtime C API
  • #474 Set the install name of the dylib to @rpath
  • #490 Add MiddlewareChain and StreamingCompiler to runtime
  • #487 Fix stack offset check in singlepass backend
  • #450 Added Metering
  • #481 Added context trampoline into runtime
  • #484 Fix bugs in emscripten socket syscalls
  • #476 Fix bug with wasi::environ_get, fix off by one error in wasi::environ_sizes_get
  • #470 Add mapdir support to Emscripten, implement getdents for Unix
  • #467 wasmer_instantiate returns better error messages in the runtime C API
  • #463 Fix bug in WASI path_open allowing one level above preopened dir to be accessed
  • #461 Prevent passing negative lengths in various places in the runtime C API
  • #459 Add monotonic and real time clocks for wasi on windows
  • #447 Add trace macro (--features trace) for more verbose debug statements
  • #451 Add --mapdir=src:dest flag to rename host directories in the guest context
  • #457 Implement file metadata for WASI, fix bugs in WASI clock code for Unix platforms

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