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5 years ago

This version of Wasmer ships with multiple WASI improvements, fixes on the C-API integration and the first iteration of our refactor of different backends (singlepass and LLVM).
This version also ships with a kernel loader that is able to run WebAssembly on the kernel, more info here.


  • #416 Remote code loading framework
  • #449 Fix bugs: opening host files in filestat and opening with write permissions unconditionally in path_open
  • #442 Misc. WASI FS fixes and implement readdir
  • #440 Fix type mismatch between wasmer_instance_call and wasmer_export_func_*_arity functions in the runtime C API.
  • #269 Add better runtime docs
  • #432 Fix returned value of wasmer_last_error_message in the runtime C API
  • #429 Get wasi::path_filestat_get working for some programs; misc. minor WASI FS improvements
  • #413 Update LLVM backend to use new parser codegen traits

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