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0.4.0 (wasmer + wapm)

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3 years ago

Wasmer now ships with wapm 🎉.
WAPM is a Package Manager for WebAssembly that will improve your experience for installing, using and publishing WebAssembly modules. Here's a video showcasing it:

Apart of shipping with wapm, the stability of the runtime has been improved significantly and support for WASI is more mature.


  • #383 Hook up wasi exit code to wasmer cli.
  • #382 Improve error message on --backend flag to only suggest currently enabled backends
  • #381 Allow retrieving propagated user errors.
  • #379 Fix small return types from imported functions.
  • #371 Add more Debug impl for WASI types
  • #368 Fix issue with write buffering
  • #343 Implement preopened files for WASI and fix aligment issue when accessing WASI memory
  • #367 Add caching support to the LLVM backend.
  • #366 Remove UserTrapper trait to fix #365.
  • #348 Refactor internal runtime ↔️ backend abstraction.
  • #355 Misc changes to Cargo.tomls for publishing
  • #352 Bump version numbers to 0.3.0
  • #351 Add hidden option to specify wasm program name (can be used to improve error messages)
  • #350 Enforce that is updated through CI.
  • #349 Add

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