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4 years ago

This version of Wasmer ships Polymorphic functions support, along with a new debugger for WebAssembly modules and some other small improvements 🎉

🏆 Contributors

We'd like to thank everyone that contributed into this release of Wasmer, with special thanks to:


  • #1263 Changed the behavior of some WASI syscalls to now handle preopened directories more properly. Changed default --debug logging to only show Wasmer-related messages.
  • #1217 Polymorphic host functions based on dynamic trampoline generation.
  • #1252 Allow / in wasi --mapdir wasm path.
  • #1212 Add support for GDB JIT debugging:
    • Add --generate-debug-info and -g flags to wasmer run to generate debug information during compilation. The debug info is passed via the GDB JIT interface to a debugger to allow source-level debugging of Wasm files. Currently only available on clif-backend.
    • Break public middleware APIs: there is now a source_loc parameter that should be passed through if applicable.
    • Break compiler trait methods such as feed_local, feed_event as well as ModuleCodeGenerator::finalize.

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