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2 years ago

This version of Wasmer ships multiple improvements for WASI, a new hashing algorithm for cache using blake3 and various fixes and improvements making Wasmer more resilient and fast.
We are also shipping a new structure for the Wasmer C-API in the releases... try it out!

🏆 Contributors

We'd like to thank everyone that contributed into this release of Wasmer, with special thanks to:

  • 🏅 @MikaelUrankar for his excellent work on making Wasmer available on FreeBSD
  • 🏅 @repi for adding missing licenses


  • #1233 Improved Wasmer C API release artifacts.
  • #1228 Singlepass cleanup: Resolve several FIXMEs and remove protect_unix.
  • #1218 Enable Cranelift verifier in debug mode. Fix bug with table indices being the wrong type.
  • #1213 Fixed WASI fdstat to detect isatty properly.
  • #1192 Use ExceptionCode for error representation.
  • #1191 Fix singlepass miscompilation on Operator::CallIndirect.
  • #1180 Fix compilation for target x86_64-unknown-linux-musl.
  • #1170 Improve the WasiFs builder API with convenience methods for overriding stdin, stdout, and stderr as well as a new sub-builder for controlling the permissions and properties of preopened directories. Also breaks that implementations of WasiFile must be Send -- please file an issue if this change causes you any issues.
  • #1161 Require imported functions to be Send. This is a breaking change that fixes a soundness issue in the API.
  • #1140 Use blake3 as default hashing algorithm for caching.
  • #1129 Standard exception types for singlepass backend.

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