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4 years ago

πŸŽ… Santa came a bit early this year!

This version of Wasmer ships with ARM (Aarch64) support on the LLVM backend, improved APIs around WASI in the Rust and C APIs, caching support for the Singlepass backend, and many more miscellaneous improvements!

πŸ† Contributors

We'd like to thank everyone that contributed into this release of Wasmer, with special thanks to:
πŸ… @ethanfrey for fixing linking of Singlepass in the C API
πŸ… @AdamSLevy for adding include guards in the C API for optional functions and types and work on improving middleware
πŸ… @YaronWittenstein for adding the deterministic-execution feature flag for enabling features relating to improved determinism in the generated code


  • #1078 Increase the maximum number of parameters Func can take
  • #1062 Expose some Emscripten functions to the C API as opt-in features to runtime-c-api
  • #1056 Improved --invoke args parsing (supporting i32, i64, f32 and f32) in Wasmer CLI
  • #1050 Attach C & C++ headers to releases.
  • #1044 Enable AArch64 support in the LLVM backend.
  • #1030 Ability to generate ImportObject for a specific version WASI version with the C API.
  • #1028 Introduce strict/non-strict modes for get_wasi_version
  • #1029 Add the β€œfloating” WasiVersion::Latest version.
  • #1022 Add caching support for Singlepass backend.

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