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4 years ago

This version of Wasmer ships with support to ARM (Aarch64) devices 🎉. We also improved the ergonomics of the Wasmer CLI, and now you can run wasm files directly without run (e.g. wasmer myfile.wasm).

🏆 Contributors

We'd like to thank everyone that contributed into this release of Wasmer, with special thanks to:


  • #713 Add AArch64 support for singlepass.
  • #995 Detect when a global is read without being initialized (emit a proper error instead of panicking)
  • #996 Refactored spectests, emtests and wasitests to use default compiler logic
  • #992 Updates WAPM version to 0.4.1, fix arguments issue introduced in #990
  • #990 Default wasmer CLI to run. Wasmer will now attempt to parse unrecognized command line options as if they were applied to the run command: wasmer mywasm.wasm --dir=. now works!
  • #987 Fix runtime-c-api header files when compiled by gnuc.
  • #957 Change the meaning of wasmer_wasi::is_wasi_module to detect any type of WASI module, add support for new wasi snapshot_preview1

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