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2 years ago

This version of Wasmer ships with multiple speed improvements to the LLVM backend, the WASI ImportObject exposed in the C API, various bug fixes and improvements, and a new version of wapm with wapm add, wapm remove, and an improved wapm init subcommand.

🏆 Contributors

We'd like to thank everyone that contributed into this release of Wasmer, with special thanks to:

  • 🏅 @newpavlov for improving the random usage in WASI
  • 🏅 @Maxgy for helping us a bit on the docs grammar :)


For a complete list of notable changes, check out the CHANGELOG.

Some highlights are:

  • #939 Fix bug causing attempts to append to files with WASI to delete the contents of the file
  • #923 Fix memory leak in the C API caused by an incorrect cast in wasmer_trampoline_buffer_destroy
  • #921 In LLVM backend, annotate all memory accesses with TBAA metadata.
  • #883 Allow floating point operations to have arbitrary inputs, even including SNaNs.
  • #856 Expose methods in the runtime C API to get a WASI import object

To update run wasmer self-update. For installation instructions,

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