github vzhd1701/gridplayer v0.5.0

latest release: v0.5.1
19 days ago


  • Arabic translation (7cf8b06)
  • Chinese Simplified translation (681c403)
  • Dutch translation (d27d47a)
  • French translation (aa5d48a)
  • German translation (11f9136)
  • Italian translation (b16b0b3)
  • Japanese translation (79876de)
  • Korean translation (61423ea)
  • Polish translation (06d2fc3)
  • Portuguese, Brazilian translation (b16d352)
  • Spanish translation (3b76290)
  • Option to paste files/links from clipboard (f300c22)
  • Option to select audio mode (stereo, mono, etc) (ef9be61)
  • Option to select audio only stream when available (b77e409)
  • Option to select audio/video track (009917f)
  • Stay on top setting (1227bab)
  • Recent list support for videos/playlists (48acba1)
  • Single mode switch in context menu (faf8d5f)
  • Volume controls in context menu (f749821)


  • Update yt-dlp and Streamlink (635aaf5)
  • Terminate child processes on app exit (Windows) (5045337)
  • Reorganize context menu (3070fd5)
  • Avoid moving overlay during paintEvent to prevent app crash (10b141b)
  • Avoid rare exception on app close (1968173)
  • Avoid wide text cramming on main screen (f4b63be)
  • Disable video controls if no video track (c439ce2)
  • Crash on missing VLC (d76b089), closes #112
  • Crash when loop start/end unset in playlist (c2b7b34)
  • Crash when opening a playlist (d1bb3ae)
  • Icon glitches (cab0eed)
  • Hide FPS from track description if it's empty (ca3dd61)
  • Hide volume button if no audio tracks (f4ce4cd)
  • Kill process silently on KeyboardInterrupt (92ccfd7)
  • Loop videos via VLC playlist to avoid abrupt video stop (7247d57)
  • Make context menu scrollable if it exceeds screen size (fa0f741)
  • Prevent missing overlay in SW mode (28378f7)
  • Update icon for [ALL] (c80c759)
  • Use different font color for disabled context menu entries (1ca5863)

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