github vueuse/motion v2.0.0

14 days ago

This PR follows the notes on #81.

It contains quite a lot of breaking changes that has been spread across the last 29 beta versions that has been released.

As mentioned in the issue, the most notable one is the drop of Vue 2 support.

Be aware that all the coming versions of @vueuse/motion will only support Vue 3.

New maintainer

@cpreston321 is joining the repository and will help efforts stabilizing the v2 and moving towards a v3 that is lighter and has better API and features.


  • chore(ts): update ts setup ; fix build (1af3c64)
  • feat(v2): prepare v2 (#75) (76538c8)
  • chore(package): fix pnpm peerdeps (83dc886)
  • Merge branch 'main' of (842b8a5)
  • Update (#78) (8b62c5a)
  • fix(nuxt): update compatibility field (#80) (a76237e)
  • Fix bad URLs in (#70) (bd5e59d)
  • Add transition examples (#67) (08e7601)
  • Fix ssr error (#65) (cc3a27d)
  • feat(transform): add variantToStyle util (cdbd98f)
  • feat(module): update module auto imports (448aa58)
  • chore(lint): the script blocks are on top now (01f763f)
  • feat(playground): update nuxt playground; start using Motion component (2271474)
  • feat(directive): unref initial binding (supports refs in object) (b84a42b)
  • feat(exports): update index (a996c9d)
  • feat(build): update runtime copy (778e98c)
  • docs(config): reference new pages (12550ee)
  • docs(reactive-transform): add new docs page (6d6140a)
  • docs(reactive-style): add new docs page (4188472)
  • feat(module): update module config injection ; initial Motion component :) (2c0b852)
  • chore(deps): upgrade deps (6fe23f5)
  • docs(nuxt): fix typo (#57) (73ec11b)

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