github vuetifyjs/vuetify v3.3.1

latest release: v3.3.2
13 days ago

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • sass: declare all variables with !default (2e4f59a)
  • types: remove redundant slot types (#17418) (52016ee)
  • types: add exports entry for moduleResolution=bundler (89ac54c)
  • VField: forward VInput sass variables (75e0472), closes #17419
  • VInput: always show explicit errorMessages (1740693), closes #17420
  • VSlider: only target direct children (14a92ac), closes #17430

🧪 Labs

  • VDataTable: add item-selectable and select-strategy props (6348e9a)
  • VDataTable: set item-value default value to "id" (50dcd93), closes #17422

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