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0.31.0 | 2020-12-08 | VSIX

🎉 RFC release 🎉

We support monorepo and multi-root workspace in this version.
We have also added a new config file called vetur.config.js.

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  • Fix pug format. #2460
  • Fix scss autocompletion. #2522
  • Fix templates in custom blocks are parsed as root elements. #1336
  • Support multi-root workspace
  • Support monorepo
  • Register global components
  • Support vetur.config.js for monorepo, global components.
  • Watch config file changed, Like: package.json, tsconfig.json
  • Warn some probably problem when open project.
  • Add Vetur: doctor command for debug.
  • Improve docs.
  • Support yarn PnP support. Thanks to contribution from @merceyz. #2478.
latest releases: v0.34.1, v0.34.0, v0.33.1...
8 months ago