github vuejs/eslint-plugin-vue v7.0.0-beta.4

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Changed plugin:vue/base config.
    • #1303 Added vue/experimental-script-setup-vars rule.
  • Changed plugin:vue/vue3-* configs
    • #1302 Added vue/no-deprecated-props-default-this rule.

✨ Enhancements

New Rules:

  • #1302 Added vue/no-deprecated-props-default-this rule that reports the use of this within the props default value factory functions.
  • #1303 Added vue/experimental-script-setup-vars rule that prevent variables defined in <script setup> to be marked as undefined.

All commits: v7.0.0-beta.3 -> v7.0.0-beta.4

latest releases: v7.11.1, v7.11.0, v7.10.0...
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