github vuejs/eslint-plugin-vue v7.0.0-alpha.7

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Updated presets configs.
    • Changed plugin:vue/vue3-essential config
    • #1211 Added vue/no-deprecated-destroyed-lifecycle rule.
    • Changed plugin:vue/vue3-strongly-recommended config
    • Same changes as above.
    • Changed plugin:vue/vue3-recommended config
    • Same changes as above.
  • #1107 Changed the default order option for vue/order-in-components rule. Add Nuxt and Vue Router properties.
    • Add options for Vue Router
    • ROUTER_GUARDS (beforeRouteEnter, beforeRouteUpdate and beforeRouteLeave) to after ["provide", "inject"].
    • Add options for Nuxt
    • key to after name.
    • layout, middleware, validate, scrollToTop, transition, loading to after ROUTER_GUARDS (ROUTER_GUARDS was added after ["provide", "inject"]).
    • watchQuery to after watch.
    • Change options for Nuxt
    • head move from after methods to after data.
  • #1214 Change the option name in the vue/no-bare-strings-in-template rule.

✨ Enhancements

New Rules:

  • #1211 Added vue/no-deprecated-destroyed-lifecycle rule reports use of deprecated destroyed and beforeDestroy lifecycle hooks.
  • #1213 Added vue/no-restricted-component-options rule that disallow specific component options.
  • #1218 Added vue/no-multiple-objects-in-class rule disallows to pass multiple objects into array to class.
  • #1222 Added vue/no-empty-component-block rule disallows the <template> <script> <style> block to be empty.

Other changes in Rules:

  • #1204 Added ignoreIncludesComment option to vue/v-on-function-call rule.
  • #1017 Added supports for ES2020 syntaxes to vue/html-indent and vue/script-indent rules.
  • #1212 Added "v-model-argument" and "v-model-custom-modifiers" to the syntax checked by the vue/no-unsupported-features rule.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • #1204 Fixed wrong autofix in vue/v-on-function-call rule.
  • #1208 Fixed false negatives for TemplateLiteral in vue/prop-name-casing rule.
  • #1206 Fixed crash when is attribute with no value in vue/no-unused-components rule.

⚙️ Chores

  • #1206 Added JSDoc type checking with TypeScript, and refactoring.

All commits: v7.0.0-alpha.6 -> v7.0.0-alpha.7

latest releases: v7.11.1, v7.11.0, v7.10.0...
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