github vuejs/eslint-plugin-vue v7.0.0-alpha.6

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Updated presets configs.
    • Changed plugin:vue/vue3-essential config
    • #1177 Added vue/no-deprecated-dollar-scopedslots-api rule.
    • #1178 Added vue/require-slots-as-functions rule.
    • Changed plugin:vue/vue3-strongly-recommended config
    • Same changes as above.
    • Changed plugin:vue/vue3-recommended config
    • Same changes as above.
    • #1179 Added vue/no-multiple-slot-args rule.
    • Changed plugin:vue/recommended config
    • #1179 Added vue/no-multiple-slot-args rule.
  • #1189 Changed the default order option for vue/component-tags-order rule.
  • #1181 Changed the default order option for vue/order-in-components rule.
    • Add options for Vue.js 3.x
    • emits to after props.
    • setup to after emits.
    • beforeUnmount and unmounted to LIFECYCLE_HOOKS.
    • renderTracked and renderTriggered to LIFECYCLE_HOOKS.
    • Add options for Vue.js 2.x
    • provide and inject to after mixins.
    • errorCaptured to LIFECYCLE_HOOKS.

✨ Enhancements

New Rules:

  • #1177 Added vue/no-deprecated-dollar-scopedslots-api rule that reports use of deprecated $scopedSlots. RFC0006
  • #1178 Added vue/require-slots-as-functions rule enforces the properties of $slots to be used as a function. RFC0006
  • #1179 Added vue/no-multiple-slot-args rule disallows to pass multiple arguments to scoped slots.
  • #1185 Added vue/no-bare-strings-in-template rule that disallows the use of bare strings in <template>.
  • #1186 Added vue/no-useless-v-bind rule that reports v-bind with a string literal value.
  • #1187 Added vue/no-useless-mustaches rule that reports mustache interpolation with a string literal value.
  • #1191 Added vue/no-restricted-v-bind rule that disallow specific argument in v-bind.
  • #1192 Added vue/no-restricted-static-attribute rule that disallow specific attribute.
  • #1193 Added vue/object-property-newline rule that applies object-property-newline rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #1194 Added vue/object-curly-newline rule that applies object-curly-newline rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #1200 Added vue/operator-linebreak rule that applies operator-linebreak rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #1201 Added vue/func-call-spacing rule that applies func-call-spacing rule to expressions in <template>.

Other changes in Rules:

  • #1180 Changed vue/no-ref-as-operand rule to additionally track variables generated by computed, toRef, customRef and shallowRef.
  • #1180 Changed vue/no-ref-as-operand rule to report incorrect use of TemplateLiteral and MemberExpression.
  • #1183 Improved autofix of vue/order-in-components rule to understand "Nullish Coalescing".
  • #1184 Changed to not report that a value is required when parsing error for vue/valid-v-bind-sync, vue/valid-v-bind, vue/valid-v-else-if, vue/valid-v-for, vue/valid-v-html, vue/valid-v-if, vue/valid-v-model, vue/valid-v-on, vue/valid-v-show, vue/valid-v-slot and vue/valid-v-text rules.
  • #1189 Changed vue/component-tags-order rule to allow name array to be specified with one order option.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • #1190 Fixed false positives for getter/setter in vue/no-dupe-keys rule.
  • #1198 Fixed false positives for render props and template refs in vue/no-unused-properties rule.
  • #1199 Fixed false positives for Vue 3 functional component in vue/require-direct-export rule.

All commits: v7.0.0-alpha.5 -> v7.0.0-alpha.6

latest releases: v7.11.0, v7.10.0, v7.9.0...
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