github vuejs/eslint-plugin-vue v7.0.0-alpha.5

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Updated presets configs.
    • Changed plugin:vue/essential config and plugin:vue/vue3-essential config
    • #1166 Added vue/custom-event-name-casing rule
    • Changed plugin:vue/strongly-recommended config and plugin:vue/vue3-strongly-recommended config
    • Same changes as above.
    • Changed plugin:vue/recommended config and plugin:vue/vue3-recommended config
    • Same changes as above.

✨ Enhancements


  • #1167 Added reportUnusedDisableDirectives option to vue/comment-directive.

New Rules:

  • #1166 Added vue/custom-event-name-casing rule that enforces using kebab-case custom event names.
  • #1171 Added vue/no-useless-concat rule that applies no-useless-concat rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #1173 Added vue/dot-notation rule that applies dot-notation rule to expressions in <template>.

Other changes in Rules:

  • #1162 Added closeBracket.startTag, closeBracket.endTag and closeBracket.selfClosingTag options to vue/html-indent rule.
    So that the closeBracket offset value can be set for each tag type.
  • #1162 Changed vue/html-indent rule to calculate the base point of the indent offset of the closing bracket of the end tag by the start tag.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • #1163 Fixed false negatives when using ignorePattern for vue/no-unused-var rule.
  • #1164 Fixed false negatives when v-for and v-slot mixed or use destructuring for vue/no-unused-var rule.
  • #1169 Fixed false positives for watch with properties in vue/no-unused-properties rule.
  • #1170 Fixed an error for v-slot in vue/comma-style rule.

All commits: v7.0.0-alpha.4 -> v7.0.0-alpha.5

latest releases: v7.11.1, v7.11.0, v7.10.0...
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