github voyagermesh/voyager 8.0.0

Please install 8.0.1 which fixes some installer issues.

Voyager 8.0.0 improves support for Kubernetes 1.11, fixes AKS connection issues, adds support for EKS and simplifies Helm chart installation process. This release requires Kubernetes 1.9.0 or later release. This release is fully backward compatible with 6.0.0+ release. To install/update, please follow the deployment guide here.

Download Docker images via:

docker pull appscode/voyager:8.0.0
docker pull appscode/haproxy:1.8.12-8.0.0-alpine (Alpine based, used by default)
docker pull appscode/haproxy:1.8.12-8.0.0 (Debian Stretch based)

Notable Changes

latest releases: v13.0.0-beta.1, v13.0.0-beta.0, v12.0.0...
2 years ago