github voyagermesh/voyager 7.0.0-rc.2

Voyager 7.0.0-rc.2 fixes issues reported in 7.0.0-rc.1. We recommend using this release in a dev/test/qa cluster and report any issues. For new users, please follow the deployment guide here .

Download Docker images via:

docker pull appscode/voyager:7.0.0-rc.2
docker pull appscode/haproxy:1.8.8-7.0.0-rc.2-alpine (Alpine based, used by default)
docker pull appscode/haproxy:1.8.8-7.0.0-rc.2 (Debian Stretch based)

Notable Changes

What's Next
Please use this release in your dev/test/qa cluster and report back any issues. This release is closed for new features. We hope to mark this as GA end of this week.

latest releases: v13.0.0-beta.1, v13.0.0-beta.0, v12.0.0...
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