github voyagermesh/voyager 3.1.1

Voyager 3.1.1 avoids installing Voyager as a CriticalAddon, since this gives error on Kubernetes 1.5.x clusters. There are no other changes in this patch release. We recommend updating Voyager operator if you are using Kubernetes 1.5.x. For new users, please follow the deployment guide here . Existing users can upgrade by updating voyager deployment to appscode/voyager:3.1.1.

Download Docker images via:

docker pull appscode/voyager:3.1.1
docker pull appscode/haproxy:1.7.6-3.1.0

Notable Changes

  • Disable critical addon feature (#326)
  • Add cloud provider specific install scripts. (#327)
latest releases: v13.0.0-beta.1, v13.0.0-beta.0, v12.0.0...
3 years ago