github voyagermesh/voyager 3.1.0

Voyager 3.1.0 now works with RBAC enabled clusters. All changes in this release are backward compatiable. We recommend updating Voyager operator if you are using it currently. For new users, please follow the deployment guide here . Existing users can upgrade by updating voyager deployment to appscode/voyager:3.1.0.

Download Docker images via:

docker pull appscode/voyager:3.1.0
docker pull appscode/haproxy:1.7.6-3.1.0

Notable Changes

  • Create RBAC roles for Voyager pods #256
  • Add configure option for Haproxy default timeout. #286
  • Supports setting resource for pods #277
  • Install Voyager as critical addon #292
  • Document HorizontalPodAutoscaling for HAProxy pods #242
  • Record events against TPR #79
  • Bug: Sets topology key for pod anti-affinity #320
  • Bug: ServiceMonitors are restored if deleted by mistake. #283
  • Bug: HostPort mode fixed work for AWS #281
  • Bug: Externalservice redirection does not reset anymore #279
  • Bug: Voyager works with cloud = minikube and type = HostPort #272
  • Bug: Adding cert manager to existing ingress opens port 443 #267
  • Bug: Annotations are applied properly #266
  • Bug: Always add newline in pem file #261
  • Bug: Adding SSL to an existing ingress correctly mounts certs #260
  • Bug: Correctly detect changed ports #322
  • Bug: Fixed Operator panic on service restore #273
  • Bug: Deletes TPR when Kubernetes namespace is deleted #258
  • Removed event frameworks codebase #282
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