github voyagermesh/voyager 1.5.6

Summer is here and Voyager is back with a new release full of cool features 🍹 ! We recommend updating Voyager operator if you are using it currently. For new users, please follow the deployment guide here:

Download Docker images via:

docker pull appscode/voyager:1.5.6
docker pull appscode/haproxy:1.7.5-1.5.6

Notable Features:

  • Supports Loadbalancer Source Range
  • Supports redirects/DNS resolution for ExternalName type services
  • Expose HAProxy stats for Prometheus
  • Supports AWS certificate manager
  • Preserve source IP for LoadBalancer type Ingress using "true" annotation.
  • Voyager operator collects anonymous usage statistics to help us learn how the software is being used and how we can improve it. To disable stats collection, run the operator with the flag --analytics=false.
  • Loadbalancer hostname is now added to Ingress status.
  • Kloader updated to 1.5.1 and Kloader now checks Kubernetes api server connection & kloader args before starting runit.
  • Voyager opreator now watches for deletion of service, deployment, daemonSet owned by any ingress managed by it. Voyager undoes deletion of these resources, if the source ingress exists.
  • Various modification has been made to Voyager chart based on feedback from official Charts team.
  • Annotation keys has been updated to use format Annotation values format has also updated. Please see here.
  • HostPort type Ingress will error out if node selector is missing.
  • Voyager deployment instruction now runs Voyager operator in kube-system namespace.

Actions Required:
Voyager 1.5.6 includes a number of breaking changes from previous versions. These changes are in the following general category:

  • Renamed annotation keys.
  • Change format for annotaion values.
  • Operator command has been moved under run sub command.
  • --cluster-name flag removed from operator.
  • New flags has been added for exporter support. Voyager operator service has been changed to expose metrics port :8080.

If you are using Voyager currently, please follow the steps below to upgrade:

  1. Delete the deployment and service used for Voyager operator.

    kubectl delete deployment voyager-operator
    kubectl delete service voyager-operator
    1. Now, wait several seconds for Voyager to stop running. Run kubectl get pods to confirm that Voyager operator pod(s) have stopped running.
    2. Now export any Ingress managed by Voyager operator. Make necessary changes to annotation keys and values as documented here.
      sh kubectl get ingress <ingress-name> -o yaml > ingress-name.yaml
  2. If no change was required for Ingress(es), go to step 5. If Ingress(es) need to be updated, delete the existing Ingress resource, then recreate the Ingress using kubectl.

    kubectl delete ingress <ingress-name>
    kubectl create -f <updated-ingress>.yaml
    1. Now install the Voyager 1.5.6 operator following the instruction here:
latest releases: v13.0.0-beta.1, v13.0.0-beta.0, v12.0.0...
3 years ago