github vmware-tanzu/sonobuoy v0.56.1

latest releases: v0.56.3, v0.56.2
3 months ago


A small release as we try and get into the habit of weekly releases.

  • New darwin/arm64 binary in release artifacts
  • Improvements to behavior when plugins have other sidecars
  • Improved output for progress updates


  • eedd1ec Version and docs for v0.56.1
  • d79aeaf Add darwin/arm64 binary to release
  • 91f9c2a Improve version subcommand
  • 3fce527 Update kind images
  • ddda7b1 Issue1595: deal with plugins with unknown total tests count
  • c7e914c Worker sidecars get plugin env vars
  • d60bd54 Add a delay before consuming done file for postprocessing window
  • ea06304 Add workflows for automated release and blog issues
  • 5200a14 Change the link "custom plugin"

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