github vmware-tanzu/sonobuoy v0.55.1

latest releases: v0.56.3, v0.56.2, v0.56.1...
6 months ago


237bd35 Add docs and bump to v0.55.1
c2f6968 Fix index bug in gen logic
104cfba Export field
0142d9c Merge pull request #1526 from johnSchnake/exportJunitProcessing
ea56087 Export junitResults type
692611c Merge pull request #1472 from NikhilSharmaWe/newFlag
cdf69c8 Modify the template based on input
bfce3a9 Add flag/config settings for aggregator permissions
0e7f9c9 Manually bump version to v0.55.0 for library code
af1d73c Add more warnings for flag interactions
450be8b Add blog for e2e-skeleton plugin
354bb67 Remove junk and fix links in docs
c5269ae Add ci-lint options

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