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9 months ago

* NOTE *

This version of Sonobuoy was impacted by #1388 and as a result we decided to push a new point release. Users interested in certified-conformance mode should use a newer version and/or see here for more details.

Sonobuoy v0.53.1

This patch release includes a few bug and security fixes. No other new functionality was added.

Fix typo which broken custom registries for e2e plugin (373bdc2)

It would be looking in /tmp/sonobuoy/configs/... for the file but it should have been config without an s.

Updates various references for security reasons (584a3e0)

There were 3 separate CVEs that were reported to us as a result of different dependencies. By updating these we resolved the vulnerabilities. The CVEs were from client-go,, jwt-go, and protobuf.

Fix broken link after plugins moved (bb9776e)

We moved all our example plugins into the separate repository and had failed to update the links in our documentation.

Warn if kubernetes-version and set with conflicting flags (7b2fe4d)

If kubernetes-version and kube-conformance-image[-version] are both set then some unexpected results can occur. This mitigates the problem by providing a warning of that fact.

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