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9 months ago

* NOTE *

This version of Sonobuoy was impacted by #1388 and as a result we decided to push a new point release. Users interested in certified-conformance mode should use a newer version and/or see here for more details.

Sonobuoy v0.53.0

This release includes numerous small improvements and two experimental features which we expect to become default behavior in the future: better progress reporting when --wait is used and plugin management.

Plugin Management (9539f16)

All users can take advantage of new commands to help manage your plugins. This helps keep track of plugins so that you can save them from URLs/files and invoke them more easily from any other directory. See sonobuoy plugins for commands to install, uninstall, list, and show plugins.

In the future, Sonobuoy will look for installed plugins before looking in the present working directory. If you would like to enable this behavior now, set the environment variable SONOBUOY_ALL_FEATURES=true or SONOBUOY_PLUGIN_INSTALLATION=true.

Progress Messages (eeff4bf)

Currently, when you invoke sonobuoy run --wait or sonobuoy delete --wait the default --output-mode is silent. The only alternative, until now, has been a spinner to ensure CI and end-users don't think Sonobuoy has frozen.

However, we often have more information that would be useful for a user to know about the progress made. As a result, we've added a new option --wait-output=progress which will output more valuable information.

This may become the default in the future but to enable it now you can either specify it manually with --wait-output=progress or with SONOBUOY_ALL_FEATURES=true.

Minor Changes

Sonobuoy Retrieve (8cf38a5)

Adds a new flag --filename -f to specify the exact name of the tarball once it has been downloaded. This may ease the burden when writing scripts.

Custom Log Levels (69cdfc5)

We've added a --level flag for custom log levels so you can get more/less output based on your needs.

New Fields For Plugin Definitions

Added source-url and description fields so that a plugin can be more self-documenting. This will be of great use when plugins can be installed/organized more easily.

ImagePullPolicy Change (60adfff)

If you specify the --image-pull-policy flag, it will now be applied to all plugins, not just the built in e2e and systemd-logs plugins. The reasoning is that we would like to make custom plugins and built-in plugins have as much parity as possible.

Other changes since the last release

3e8f806 Bump version
0bc9e58 pkg/client/results: fix dropped test error
0a59430 Update site docs
cc3607c Tweak CLI language
9539f16 Loads plugins from installation directory if feature enabled
5d53c20 pkg/plugin/driver/utils: fix multiple imports
dedbbcd Update button to edit docs and report issues
f9f2b4e Adds plugin installation functionality
a63033a add GcEtcdRegistry to GetDefaultImageRegistries for API server aggregator test
b5dfc48 pkg/tarball: fix dropped test error
a573937 Add new fields to plugin manifests
68f4b32 Blog update regarding quick mode
ee7227f Blog describing Kubernetes suite
1b626d7 Update more e2e flags to use transforms and remove special logic
0ae0a6f Use transform to rewire the ssh key logic
5f6c8b5 Add configurable log levels for logrus
c5063fb Add generic plugin transformations and use for kube-repo-list
ac68f65 Default to assuming the conformance image can support progress
d5c90a2 Rework the gen plugin commands in order to reuse more code
d97f12f Wire e2e focus/skip/mode/parallel into existing env structure
9f293f2 Fix a unit test by avoiding local kubeconfig
564f622 Simplify the way mode and plugin selection is processed
7af6504 Simplify config handling
709de5b Adds extra gen tests
8e47c2a Default config.New to not provide UUID
9ffa8d7 Update github actions workflows to show history
dc4be9c Add more descriptive status output
c738d7c Run integration tests in parallel
576dcdb Add convenience function for updating goldenfiles
4c029aa Fix version resolution during image pulling
3889bbd Add sleep after systemd-logs again
cf5bbd4 Prevent logs -f from repeating
d0258d6 Add K8sOnWindows alternative to Azure

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