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11 months ago


This release comes on the heels of our v0.51.0 but includes an incredibly some incredibly useful improvements for custom plugins: variable image names and ConfigMap embedding.

We made these changes to better fulfill our goal of running the Kubernetes E2E tests on Windows as easily as possible. Our new windows-e2e plugins make use of both of these features.

ConfigMaps Embedded in Your Plugin (d2e9dfe)

Plugins can now specify ConfigMap data directly in the plugin specification file itself. The new config-map field is an optional, sibling field to the sonobuoy-config and spec fields. Sonobuoy will automatically generate a ConfigMap with that data and mount it as a volume on your plugin so it can consume the data. This allows you to more easily bundle and share your plugin configuration with others.

Variable-based Plugin Images (eed1cd7)

This feature allows plugins to base their plugin image on the version of Kubernetes detected in their cluster. This behavior was previously reserved for our custom e2e plugin, but has been generalized for other plugins. Simply use $SONOBUOY_K8S_VERSION in the image name to make use of it.

It is also available automatically as an environment variable (by the same name) in your plugin.

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