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11 months ago


Major changes

Windows support af895d7 63d1573 fcc107c

The largest announcement of this release is that Sonobuoy will now build/publish images for Windows nodes. This means that plugins can be easily written for and run on Windows nodes. Various other changes this release were motivated by this change to work towards making the Windows experience as positive as possible. Check out our blog on more regarding Windows support.

Other Improvements

0586df2 Improve retrieve command with extraction option

sonobuoy retrieve now has an --extract flag which will download then extract the tarball in the specified directory (defaults to the present working directory).

9b9e6e8 Add support for testing against the most recent dev E2E image

This helps simplify the workflow if you find yourself actively working on the tip of Kubernetes. Test against the master branch of k8s by specifying the --kube-conformance-image-version=latest. It does use a version that is built periodically and may lag what you see in github but minutes/hours.

649cfac E2E Image ignores metadata and provider build info

This should make things work more seamlessly when you use clusters created by cloud providers which may add their own metadata onto the build information (e.g. Now we'll just ignore all the metadata and assume you want to test with the upstream version provided.

d7d930c Extend default timeout

The amount of time Sonobuoy waits for the plugins to report is always customizable with the --timeout flag, but we extended the default timeout from 3 to 6 hours in order to avoid timeouts potentially caused by running on Windows clusters where pods take longer to startup/shutdown.

2c86eb1 Add node selector option when generating plugin spec

Adds a new flag: sonobuoy gen plugin --node-selector foo=bar to facilitate creating windows plugins more easily.

c96ae19 Adjust default nodeSelector behavior

Along with the above change, by not specifying a nodeSelector Sonobuoy will assume you want to target Linux nodes. This, in most cases, avoids an issue where you have a Windows node in a cluster and it causes your (Linux) plugin to accidently run on that node and fail.

Bug fixes

04acfcb Avoid infinite loop when a following logs

And other misc. fixes in the documentation such as spelling, tweaks for clarity, and fixing broken links.

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