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14 months ago

Sonobuoy v0.50.0

New version

This release introduce support for distroless images for Sonobuoy. The release also resetting its release version by increasing the release number to v0.50.

Read more here

Documentation update

Part of this release includes migrating the content generator, for the Sonobuoy site, to use the Hugo content server. This should make content management and generation faster and easier.

New Reliability Scanner plugin blog

The realibility scanner was announced earlier this year. It is a Sonobuoy plugin that allows cluster operators to configure a set of reliability checks to be executed against a cluster. You can find a write up here.


d9ec0c1 v0.50 release (#1221)
da8d5d3 Reliability-As-Code blogpost (#1217)
d9e7485 Update to policy text in (#1214)
0d4ff32 Finish contributors migration to Hugo
c5c3695 Major website overhaul - moving to Hugo (#1220)
4daa503 Merge pull request #1205 from wilsonehusin/distroless
3aeb730 Add x509ignoreCN and CGO_ENABLED=0 for integration tests
cccc0b0 Update contributors section (#1208)
e4b694c Extend stale markers
13c2ffc Circle CI tests migration to GitHub Actions (#1204)

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