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17 months ago

Sonobuoy v0.20.0

What's new

We decoupled Sonobuoy releases from Kubernetes versions and announced our roadmap towards v1.0, let us know what you think!


f6e1914 Release 0.20 (#1198)
f5437c1 Use "stale" label for stale bot (#1200)
75fb977 Merge pull request #1201 from vladimirvivien/toward1-blog
9617f99 Blog annoucing vision and roadmap
fa53698 Add Docker Hub rate limit workaround (#1194)
0c072ef Dynamically determine image of plugins (#1192)
df8d4eb Create codeql-analysis.yaml (#1193)
0f7c90c Merge pull request #1190 from wilsonehusin/remove-contributors
f911864 Use Kramdown instead of Redcarpet
031d604 Update Jekyll and therefore Kramdown
35dc86e Update Jekyll
dff8ef4 Remove contributors section
185c859 go 1.15 + unit test + lint/sync workflows (#1186)
3e0f8ed Add StaleBot (#1184)
be8c386 Deterministic TagPair assertion of custom registry (#1183)
7419e1d Add golangci-lint on GitHub Actions with fixes (#1179)
883fc90 Merge pull request #1169 from vladimirvivien/inventory-plugin-doc
e5b16ea Adding cluster inventory plugin doc

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