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Release v0.19.0

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21 months ago

This release is to add support for the newly release Kubernetes version of 1.19.0.

What's new

This release does not introduce any new change in functionality.

Starting with this release, however, the policy for supported E2E images for air-gap support will be applied as described in the document. Meaning, the current binary will adhere to the two-version regression from the current release where Sonobuoy will only run and download E2E test images for Kubernetes version 1.18 and 1.17 only. To test for an earlier version of Kuberentes, please use an earlier release of Sonobuoy.


e03f9ee Merge pull request #1160 from vladimirvivien/sonobuoy-release-0.19.0
ec4cefd Release for Kubernetes 1.19.0
670b310 Merge pull request #1159 from vladimirvivien/sonobuoy-release-0.18.5
ecddf13 Prepare for v0.18.5 release

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