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21 months ago

Release v0.18.5

This is a release with minimal changes. It mainly does the followings:

  • Fixes a CVE that was found in a Ruby gem used to generate the site for Sonobuoy
  • Update the Kubernetes client-go package to version 0.18.5
  • Update the description of ---wait parameter to inculde minutes as the unit.


a79a43a Merge pull request #1123 from zubron/fix-formatting-of-config-docs
83d59f2 Fix formatting on docs pages
0b9a839 Upgrade Kubernetes client libraries to 0.18.5 (#1138)
086e048 Update args.go (#1127)
47e90ec Merge pull request #1155 from vmware-tanzu/dependabot/bundler/site/kramdown-2.3.0
b7d9de6 Bump kramdown from 1.17.0 to 2.3.0 in /site
ec68203 Merge pull request #1154 from vladimirvivien/update-kramdown-gem-version
1d8d0b2 Update gem kramdown for site generation

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