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Sonobuoy v0.18.4

Conformance image registry changes

Sonobuoy v0.18.4 now uses as the registry to pull the conformance image from as is no longer being used and is now read-only. Older versions of Sonobuoy which are being used to test older versions of Kubernetes will continue to work as the conformance images for those older Kubernetes versions will still be accessible from See #1146 for more details.

For testing clusters where the version is greater than v1.18.6 or for new patch releases of older versions, users will need to update to the latest version of Sonobuoy to ensure that the correct registry is used or override the conformance image used by Sonobuoy by using the flag --kube-conformance-image.

Removal of non-inclusive language

  • The MasterURL field of WorkerConfig has been renamed to AggregatorURL. The environment variable for setting that field when starting a worker container has been changed from MASTER_URL to AGGREGATOR_URL. This will break compatibility between versions of Sonobuoy, however it will only affect users who manually edit the manifest produced by Sonobuoy to run different image versions for the aggregator and worker. Sonobuoy image version v0.18.3 and earlier can be used as the aggregator with workers that use image versions v0.18.4 and later. Sonobuoy image version v0.18.4 and later cannot be used as the aggregator image with workers that use image version v0.18.3 and earlier. We strongly recommend that you use the same version of the image for both the aggregator and the workers. From v0.19.0 onwards, and backwards compatibility between image versions will be dropped and using different image versions for the aggregator and worker will not be supported. (#1141)

  • The label for identifying the aggregator pod is now sonobuoy-component: aggregator (replacing run: sonobuoy-master). The label run: sonobuoy-master is still applied but is now deprecated and its use will be removed in a later release. Once removed, older clients will not be able to query runs started by newer versions of Sonobuoy which do not use this label. A warning about the deprecated label will now be printed if using a newer client to query a run created by an older version. (#1139)

  • Removed the "master" alias from the aggregator command. (#1137)


b5e4803 Prepare v0.18.4 release (#1148)
e957f84 Remove use of (#1146)
019d1e0 Use latest Sonobuoy webinar as the overview video (#1144)
68b845a Replace use of master in Windows Dockerfile (#1143)
392d68e Replace MasterURL with AggregatorURL in WorkerConfig (#1141)
5f1730b Remove unused config file handling from worker (#1142)
046c082 Remove insensitive language from old docs (#1140)
750f015 Remove use of "master" in labels and names (#1139)
e43cefe Remove alias for aggregator command (#1137)
81fa9a7 Bump to* to v0.17.7 and tidy deps (#1135)
fa6e29f Replace use of whitelist with allow/allow list (#1132)

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