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Release v0.4.0

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Major Changes

  • The Pinniped supervisor now loads additional OIDC claims by calling the UserInfo endpoint during the authorization flow. This enables support for passing custom claims such as groups on a wider range of upstream identity providers.

Minor Changes

  • Improved documentation for both the concierge and supervisor.

  • Added filtering to supervisor controllers to improve performance and reduce CPU overhead and log noise.

  • More consistently set owner references on all Kubernetes resources created by Pinniped.

  • Stop setting blockOwnerDeletion: true on resources created by Pinniped.

  • Normalize the type of the groups claim in ID tokens issued by the supervisor.
    The claim will now always be a list of strings, which may be empty if the upstream identity provider did not provide a groups claim.

  • Fixed some intermittent integration test flakes.

  • Upgraded Kubernetes library components to v1.20.1.

A complete list of changes (74 commits, 247 changed files with 14,880 additions and 1,410 deletions!) can be found here.

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5 months ago