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Release 2.5


  • PR #787: :VimwikiRenameFile works for all directories: even
    wiki_root/diary/ if current file is wiki_root/dir1/
  • Issue #764: fenced code blocks are properly supported for markdown
    syntax i.e. more than 3 backticks, adds tilde support.
  • PR #785: :VimwikiGoto completion works with part of filename and
    nested directories
  • Add test framework (vader, vint, vim-testbed)
  • Issue #769: Set default values for g:vimwiki_ext2syntax.
  • PR #735: Make list-toggling work properly even when code blocks are
    embedded within the list in Markdown mode.
  • PR #711: Allow forcing VimwikiAll2HTML with !
  • PR #702: Make remapping documentation more accessible to newer vim users
  • PR #673: Add :VimwikiGoto key mapping.
  • PR #689: Allow vimwiki-option-diary_rel_path to be an empty string.
  • PR #683: Improve layout and format of key binding documentation in
    README and include note about key bindings that may not work.
  • PR #681: Prevent sticky type checking errors for old vim versions.
  • PR #686: New option g:vimwiki_key_mappings that allow key mappings to
    be enabled/disabled by groups. Key mappings are also no longer
    overwritten if they are already defined.
  • PR #675: Add option vimwiki-option-name to assign a per wiki name.
  • PR #661: Add option g:vimwiki_auto_header to automatically generate
    a level 1 header for new wiki pages.
  • PR #665: Integration with vimwiki_markdown gem
    This provides the vimwiki-option-html_filename_parameterization
    which alters the filenames vimiwiki checks against when running the
    html conversion. It also disables the deleting of html files which
    no longer match against a wiki file.
  • PR #663: New option g:vimwiki_conceal_onechar_markers to control
    whether to show or hide single-character format markers.
  • PR #636: Wiki local option vimwiki-option-exclude_files which is
    a list of patterns to exclude when checking or generating links.
  • PR #644: Key mapping gnt to jump to the next open task.
  • PR #643: Option g:vimwiki_toc_link_format to change how links are
    formatted in the TOC.
  • PR #641: Option g:vimwiki_conceal_code_blocks to conceal preformatted
    text markers.
  • PR #634: New options g:vimwiki_links_header and
    g:vimwiki_tags_header to customize the title string of generated
    sections. New option g:vimwiki_links_header_level and
    g:vimwiki_tags_header_level which allow the header level (1-6) of the
    generated links to be set. New option g:vimwiki_markdown_header_style
    which specifies the nuber of newlines after the created header for
    generated sections.
  • PR #635: Wiki local options vimwiki-option-auto_generate_links and
  • Wiki local option vimwiki-option-links_space_char to replace spaces
    with a different character when creating a link.
  • Allow increase/decrease header level to take a count.
  • PR #637: Option g:vimwiki_table_reduce_last_col to not autoformat last
    column of a table.
  • PR #629: New option g:vimwiki_toc_header_level to set the desired
    header level for the TOC.
  • PR #616: Hex color codes are colored in HTML output.
  • PR #573: Add HTML template variable %wiki_path% which outputs the path
    of the current file being converted to HTML.
  • PR #529: Option g:vimwiki_markdown_link_ext to include the extension
    .md in generated links.
  • PR #528: Add option g:vimwiki_create_link to prevent link creation
    with <CR>.
  • PR #498: Option vimwiki-option-diary_caption_level which adds captions
    to the diary index based on headers.
  • PR #377: Add horizontal alignment to tables.
  • PR #202: Don't override or display errors for existing keymappings.
  • PR #47: Optimize table formatting for large tables.
  • PR #857: Make default template responsive
  • PR #879: Generate links when diary & wiki dir are the same


  • Issue #796: Rename :VimwikiGenerateTags to :VimwikiGenerateTagLinks
  • Issue #638: Rename :VimwikiDeleteLink to :VimwikiDeleteFile
  • Issue #638: Rename :VimwikiRenameLink to :VimwikiRenameFile
  • For all three above the old commands still works but is deprecated and
    will be removed in later versions.
  • Set default vimwiki-option-list_margin = 0 for markdown syntax.
  • Modify horizontal rule (thematic-breaks) syntax for markdown.


  • PR #698: Remove awa check triggering silent file edits.
  • Options g:vimwiki_use_mouse and g:vimwiki_table_mappings. These are
    still present in the code for backwards compatibility but have been
    removed from the documentation and will be fully removed at a later


  • Issue #90: :VimwikiRenameFile doesn't update links in diary.
  • Issue #790: Allow tags before a header with markdown syntax.
  • Issue #779: Vimwiki tags file meets ctags standard.
  • Issue #781: Compatablity fixes for older versions of Vim.
  • Issue #691: Allow :VimwikiGoBackLink to go back multiple times.
  • Update MathJax CDN loading instructions.
  • Issue #212: Don't treat comment characters within code blocks as
  • Issue #420: Add error handling to :VimwikiSearch
  • PR #744: Fix typo in vimwiki_list_manipulation
  • Issue #715: s:clean_url is compatible with vim pre 7.4.1546 (sticky type
  • Issue #729: Normalize links uses relative paths in diary pages for
    Markdown syntax. This previously only worked for the default syntax.
  • Disable spell check in code and math inline/blocks.
  • Properly handle markdown image links ![]()
  • Issue #415: Expand iabbrev entries on <CR>.
  • Issue #619: allow escaped characters in markdown links.
  • Issue #240: Fix regex pattern for markdown []() links
  • Issue #685: Error message for invalid user options fixed.
  • Issue #481: Allow surrounding URLs with '<' '>'
  • Issue #237: :VimwikiRenameFile now works for Markdown syntax
  • Issue #612: GVim menu displayed duplicate names.
  • Issue #456: Omnicompletion of wikilinks under Windows. Note: this should
    be considered a temporary fix until #478 is closed.
  • Issue #654: Fix :VimwikiShowVersion command.
  • PR #634: Removed extra newlines that were inserted before/after
    generated links.
  • Issue #543: Allow commands related to opening index files or diary pages
    to take a count, modify keymapping behavior, and fix discrepancies in
    the documentation.
  • Issue #539: The option g:vimwiki_url_maxsave now only affects raw
    URLs (wiki links are excluded).
  • Issue #438: Fix creation of visually selected links on diary pages.
  • Issue #404: Don't conceal strikethrough character in tables.
  • Issue #318: Markdown syntax bold, italic, and italic/bold are now
    rendered correctly.
  • Issue #835: Pressing enter on the dash of a markdown list causes an error.
  • Issue #876: E684: list index out of range: 0, when creating a link containing a ..
  • Issue #803: :VimwikiGenerateLinks for subdirectory only
  • Issue #776: Command [count]o can't repeat in vimwiki
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